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Impress Your Girl

Impress Your Lady At The First Meeting!

Many times you might have felt that even after a genuine interest in an unknown woman and gentle behaviour ,you still dont get her favour.Why is it so? Are you approaching in a wrong manner?Is your behaviour inappropriate?So how to get a girl ?
There are many questions as such roaming in your mind.Well I am here to ease your mind on this issue.I will tell you a few strategies which you should make notice of before approaching any lady.Always remember that ladies are much more subtle and shyish than men.They can make a judgement of you by looking through the corner of their eyes.Men are possibly not having this particular quality of judging people just by appearance.So always try to create a stronger and better first impression.Remember first impression is the last impression.

Try Not To Be Boring Or Appear Like Searching For Any Lady,relax yourself and try to seem to be enjoying.Mostly in bars and clubs men try to sneak out at ladies and pass occasional comments to their friends.They are rather busy finding somebody than enjoying themselves.Girls just don’t like this attitude.All like to join people who ARE having fun.So do the girls.They seem to be much happier with people who enjoy themselves and also make their friends enjoy.Also consider the opposite case when you are unsocializable and very boring not talking with anybody.Then suddenly you approach a woman with a smile.This will definitely make the girl feel that your smile is largely false and will move away from you.So try to prevent it.Girls go easy with guys who enjoy(or atleast pretend to be enjoying themselves)So what should you do?Keep a smiling face and give out exaggerated expressions of happiness.This may help you a bit.

Another tip for you is to stop staring at ladies.It makes them feel that you are desperate for a lady.Just be casual and appear that you are a self-respected person.Girls like these kind of men!

Also you should prepare yourself before the expected girls hunt! I mean to say that you must dress yourself in a gentle but catchy manner.If you are dressed shabbily then this creates an impression that if you don’t even care for you dress then how can you take care of your woman.So atleast wear a good jacket and a pair of matching shoes.And take care of small things like clean hair,nails cut,deodorant applied,etc

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how to talk to women with confidence

Learn How To Talk To Women With Confidence

It has happened and its still happening.Whenever you are talking to a woman she ultimately says “I think I have to get back to my friends” and leaves.Were you so boring that she stopped talking to you? The answer may be yes.But sometimes women are not in a good mood to talk or they are preoccupied or in some cases they are not smart enough or just too mean.Its better not to extend discussions with such women rather spare that time in finding some other attractive woman.And the part of your own fault in not being able to talk to women may be like forgetting what to say,getting too nervous,speaking too boring,etc.Well these do happen and there’s a way to correct this.

Just relax when you feel awkward while talking to women.Its your nervousness that kills the natural light-hearted person in you and makes the impression of a boring personality to the lady.You tend to speak foolish You may feel like there’s nothing interesting to talk about or you suddenly feel anxiety while talking to a beautiful woman for the first time. The feeling of anxiety makes you lose confidence over yourself.You speak things that don’t seem to be interesting and feel doubting your abilities as a good conversationist.You seem to be asking questions after questions which get replied with gradually fewer & fewer words and finally the lady leaves you. The best thing to do in such a situation is to relax.This is the first lesson.

This is not the way how you to talk to girls.So how to talk to women then?The secret is that you should have a planned conversation in your mind which will act as a backup in times of crisis.When you are not getting words to say then use your planned backup conversations and by the time your backup is utilized the situation would have normalized and you might have gained a lot of confidence as well as participation from the part of the woman.Then its very easy to continue the conversation without any further plans.

So what actually should your backup plan be.It may be anything like some odd random general story,or what you felt about some good movie,or ask about some controversial thing present nearby you.Another method that you can apply fail-safe is things like “I have heard that girls from your city are a big TROUBLE!”.Definitely the lady will ask you why you say such thing,then tell some generalised pre-planned answer like these girls are too bold or that they keep a lot of boyfriends and such.Girls usually find it quite interesting.

There are also certain things that you should not discuss with girls like topics regarding policitics,religion,crude sex,etc.Dont ask a woman for her permission to talk on something rather its better to lead because women like manly guys who can lead things and take decisions on their own.You can also try some physical contacts with her like striking her elbow occasionally,etc.With these tips you will generally build enough confidence to talk to women.

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How To Get a Girl Phone Number

Technique To Get A Girl’s Phone Number Smartly

Its a fact that getting a boyfriend is easy but the reverse is not true.If you approach a girl and ask for her phone number directly then its almost very sure that she will just ignore you however polite you may be.It becomes sometimes very hard to get a girls telephone number.I will tell you the technique of “argument-attraction” which will help you master how to get girl and her phone number quickly.Continue to read below…

Firstly I would like to mention that a good dressing is almost a necessity because it definitely creates a positive impression about you in the girls mind.People always look in for aesthetic happiness which can be enhanced by simple things like a neat hair-cut,good oral hygiene,clear skin,good health,use of deodrants,tidy well fitting clothes and accessories,etc.These will themselves give you a profound confidence which will help in approaching a girl much easily!

The basic rule is that girls like men who are influential and light-hearted.So my following discussion is based on this fact.
Your primary aim should be to get her attention.The method of argument-attraction will gain the attention of your lady by starting an argument and trying to overpower her sweetly.The topic of the discussion should be on a very trivial matter and must not include sentiments of either of you.May be you could argue over the the food in various restaurants in her area or why baseball is better than any other game! I am giving them just as examples, the actual topic will depend upon the kind of your profession,the meeting environment,etc.Make sure that you don’t get over-indulged in the discussion.Give room for the new girl to have her say too.But slightly overpower her in the discussion.Take this discussion to a point where both of you are making unofficial attempts at proving each other as well as enjoying what the other person is saying.Gradually a time will come when she may feel that you are a very balanced person and she will be interested in knowing more about you.At such a point rapidly end the discussion softly and ask her for her number.In most probable cases she will give out her telephone number!

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Learn How to Walk On coal Fire Without Getting Hurt

step 1
Spread Coals
Light a fire and let it burn down to coals. Have a really big fire so you can have a lot of coals to spread around.

Subtitle Indonesia
(nyalakan Api dan biarkan membakar arang, buat api yang besar agar arang yang dihasilkan makin banyak untuk disebar)

step 2
Spread Coals Evenly
Use a metal rake or somthing to spread out the coals in a wide area. In a circle or a line or whatever shape you want.

(gunakan tongkat metal untuk menyebarkan arang bara ke tempat yang luas, dalam bentuk lingkaran, garis pokoknya terserah loe aja dah)

step 3
There should be a layer of ash on the coals to insulate the coals. The almost pure-carbon coals are poor conductors of heat so that helps too. If you don't stop you should be able to walk on the coals with no problem. So don't be dumb and stand in one place. Just walk a little faster you normally would. Just not to fast but not to slow. Like you were walking a little bit faster down the street than usual. Don't stop and stand there, that will burn you. Once again NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY INJURY, but I doubt you will get hurt.

( pasti ada lapisan abu di batu bara, sehingga tidak dapat meghantarkan panas dengan baik, jadi kalau anda jalan agak cepat ga bakalan kenapa2, KALO DI COBA DIRUMAH GW GA TANGGUNG JAWAB YA)


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Simple Way To Release Stress

Breathe deeply. When you tense up, your breathing gets quicker, more shallow, and higher in the chest. You’ll feel better right away, and your heart will slow down, if you’ll just make your breathing more relaxed. Deeper. Slower. Sigh in a relaxed way.

Loosen tensed muscles. Just about any time, but especially when you’ve got the adrenaline pumping, muscles tend to tighten, particularly muscles around your neck, upper back, and face. Pay attention to your muscles in those areas and when you find one that’s contracting for no good reason, relax it. If at first you have trouble relaxing a muscle, tense it first, then relax it.

Say the word “relax” to yourself. Make sure your inner voice is relaxing. Don’t yell at yourself, “Relax!!” Say it soothingly.

1. Sit or stand in a relaxed position.
2. Slowly inhale through your nose, counting to five in your head.
3. Let the air out from your mouth, counting to eight in your head as it leaves your lungs. Repeat several times. That’s it!


1. As you breathe, let your abdomen expand outward, rather than raising your shoulders. This is a more relaxed and natural way to breathe, and helps your lungs fill themselves more fully with fresh air, releasing more “old” air.
2. You can do this just a few times to release tension, or for several minutes as a form of meditation.
3. If you like, you can make your throat a little tighter as you exhale so the air comes out like a whisper. This type of breathing is used in some forms of yoga and can add additional tension relief.

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Suggestion For Goal Setting

Suggestion for goal setting

* Repeat to yourself in positive terms what you need to do, or be, to attain the goal, in present terms. For example ‘you are confident’.
* Imagine telling yourself about a time when you have displayed confidence. See, hear, feel, smell, experience the memory in all its detail, focussing on how confident you felt (or determined, focussed, happy, powerful etc).
* Then think about a future event.
* Visualise yourself as you would like to be, in every detail.
* Rewind it in your mind’s eye, and replay it but stepping inside the body of yourself, and experiencing those details from the inside.
* Do this a few times for different situations.
* End with the goal, even if you have used it already, visualising yourself and knowing how it feels to have achieved that goal in every detail.

I hope that this has shown you some ways in which the power of suggestion can work. Just remember - what the subconscious accepts, it acts on. That is really all it does. It works like software in a computer. So make sure your suggestions, words, intonation and beliefs are positive, and accept them. If you find this difficult, you may have opposing beliefs or previously accepted ’software’ conflicting. The Power of Suggestion is just one small element of hypnotic psychology - so continue to browse the site to learn more about how this works. Just a suggestion.

Forex Tips

Tip 1. Gamblers go to casino. All unproved, spontaneous actions in Forex trading — are a part of pure gambling.
Any attempt to trade without analysis and studying the market is equal to a game. Game is fun except when you are losing real money...

Tip 2. Never invest money into a real Forex account until you practice on a Forex Demo account!
Allow at least 2 month for demo trading. Consider this: 90% of beginners fail to succeed in the real money market only because of lack of knowledge, practice and discipline. Those remaining 10% of successful traders had been sharpening and shaping their skills on demo accounts for years before entering the real market.
A good demo account to start practicing with could be, for example, FXGame from Oanda.

Tip 3. Go with the trend!
Trend is your friend. Trade with the trend to maximize your chances to succeed. Trading against the trend won't "kill" a trader, but will definitely require more attention, nerves and sharp skills to rich trading goals.

Tip 4. Always take a look at the time frame bigger than the one you've chosen to trade in.
It gives the bigger picture of market price movements and so helps to clearly define the trend. For example, when trading in 15 minute time frame, take a look at 1 hour chart; trading hourly would require obtaining a picture of daily, weekly price movements.

If a trend is hard to spot — choose a bigger time frame. Up and down market patterns are always present. Always make sure you know the dominant trend, unless you are a scalper. Scalpers have no need to spend their time studying big trends, what's happening in the market here and now (during 5-10 minute time frame) should be of only importance to a Forex scalper.

Tip 5. Never risk more than 2-3% of the total trading account.
One important difference between a successful and an unsuccessful trader is that the first is able to survive under unfavorable conditions on the market, while an unsuccessful trader will blow up his account after 5-10 unprofitable trades in the row.

Even with the same trading system 2 traders can get opposite results in the long run. The difference will be again in the money management approach. To introduce you to money management, let's get one fact: losing 50% of total account requires making 100% return from the rest of money just to restore the original balance.

Tip 6. Put emotions down. Trade calm.
Don't try to revenge after losing the trade. Don't be greedy by adding lots of positions when winning.
Overreaction blocks clear thinking and as a result will cost you money. Overtrading can shake your money management and dramatically increase trading risks.

Tip 7. Choose the time frame that is right for you.
Choosing wise means that you are comfortable and have time enough to analyze the market, place and close orders etc. Some people can't wait for hours for the price to make a move, they like action and therefore prefer smaller time frames. On the contrary, for others 10-15 minutes is a hustle to be able to make the right decision.