Selasa, 03 Maret 2009

Impress Your Girl

Impress Your Lady At The First Meeting!

Many times you might have felt that even after a genuine interest in an unknown woman and gentle behaviour ,you still dont get her favour.Why is it so? Are you approaching in a wrong manner?Is your behaviour inappropriate?So how to get a girl ?
There are many questions as such roaming in your mind.Well I am here to ease your mind on this issue.I will tell you a few strategies which you should make notice of before approaching any lady.Always remember that ladies are much more subtle and shyish than men.They can make a judgement of you by looking through the corner of their eyes.Men are possibly not having this particular quality of judging people just by appearance.So always try to create a stronger and better first impression.Remember first impression is the last impression.

Try Not To Be Boring Or Appear Like Searching For Any Lady,relax yourself and try to seem to be enjoying.Mostly in bars and clubs men try to sneak out at ladies and pass occasional comments to their friends.They are rather busy finding somebody than enjoying themselves.Girls just don’t like this attitude.All like to join people who ARE having fun.So do the girls.They seem to be much happier with people who enjoy themselves and also make their friends enjoy.Also consider the opposite case when you are unsocializable and very boring not talking with anybody.Then suddenly you approach a woman with a smile.This will definitely make the girl feel that your smile is largely false and will move away from you.So try to prevent it.Girls go easy with guys who enjoy(or atleast pretend to be enjoying themselves)So what should you do?Keep a smiling face and give out exaggerated expressions of happiness.This may help you a bit.

Another tip for you is to stop staring at ladies.It makes them feel that you are desperate for a lady.Just be casual and appear that you are a self-respected person.Girls like these kind of men!

Also you should prepare yourself before the expected girls hunt! I mean to say that you must dress yourself in a gentle but catchy manner.If you are dressed shabbily then this creates an impression that if you don’t even care for you dress then how can you take care of your woman.So atleast wear a good jacket and a pair of matching shoes.And take care of small things like clean hair,nails cut,deodorant applied,etc

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lifesignx mengatakan...

Daily favor mission completed!

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' Li ' mengatakan...

klik adsnya seklian hehehehe...

Meryl (proud pinay) mengatakan...

have a nice weekend.

Leadership Developmant Training mengatakan...

kunjungan sob ..
mau bagi-bagi kalimat motivasi sob ..
"saya belajar menggunakan kata 'tidak mungkin' dengan sangat hati-hati."
kunjungan balik ya sob .. :)

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